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I believe the ultimate goal of counseling and psychological services is to assist clients in experiencing the freedom to think, feel and behave in the most healthy ways that effectively meet their underlying needs.

We often focus on the “problem” which often is a mere symptom of the primary cause for our struggles.

Our most basic needs are for safety and security, belonging, loving and being loved, intimacy, acceptance and self-respect. Meeting those needs in an effective, life-giving way is the aim of therapy. 

In my years of providing therapy to a wide range of clients I have found that the basic principles of human existence apply to all of us. From behaviorally-disordered prisoners in high security facilities to professional men and women in the community struggling with the myriad of difficult emotions, while in challenging relationships or stressful situations, effective therapeutic techniques supported by underlying, sound principles of human nature are at the heart of effective, evidence-based counseling.

No matter what you have experienced and regardless of the difficulties that motivate you to seek assistance in your journey, I would be happy to help you!




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Areas of Practice

Principles & Methodologies

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a Humanistic-Existential Approach

My approach would be best described as directive, client-centered, strength-based, cognitive behavioral therapy within the framework of the humanistic-existential understanding of the person. I am a Christian therapist and approach my counseling from the standpoint of respect for the dignity of each person regardless of their demographics or background.

Humanistic Approach

I acknowledge the inherent dignity of the human person whose primary motivation to behaviors is the fulfillment of needs; including needs for safety, security, belonging, loving and being loved, purpose, self-worth and actualizing of potential.

Existential Approach

All of us strive for a life purpose, a meaning to our existence, a reason to face the challenges that life poses. Our lives are very individual, personal experiences of the world in relationship to others with whom we come in contact. The person we are today can be viewed as a culmination of our experience in the world. Making sense of our existence in terms of our past, present and future and our role within the larger groups, family and community is very important and at the heart of our underlying needs.

Cognitive Behavioral

Thoughts lead to emotions. Thoughts include interpretations, perceptions, opinions and expectations. Emotions may range from happiness, sadness, fear to anger and frustration. Thoughts and emotions patterned over our lifetime determine our attitudes and eventual choices and behaviors. These patterns or habits may be healthy or unhealthy. Cognitive behavioral therapy assists us in identifying, exploring, dealing with and resolving the unhealthy patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that have negatively affected our lives and relationships. It involves a process of learning, developing and practicing new skills. These new skills include modifying our thinking patterns in a way that enhances more healthy perspectives and behaviors which improve our lives.

Alcohol / Substance abuse
Anger Management / Assertiveness
Anxiety / phobia Treatment
Children / Adolescent therapy
Communication Skills
Depression Treatment
Family therapy
Grief / Loss
Life’s Changes / Transitions
Marriage / Couples therapy
Obsessive / Compulsive Tendencies
Situational Stress
Trauma Recovery


The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
— Albert Einstein


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